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Full-service IT Management and Repair

Gravity’s managed IT and on-call repair services empower our clients to have the most optimal performance from their network.

Our day-to-day operations keep our clients’ IT networks running smoothly. Whether it’s backup and disaster recovery or critical on-site data customer service, our seasoned and skilled team can handle it all.

Our service solutions are effective and smooth. You’ll forget you ever had a problem.

Mid-Missouri’s Only Local Apple Authorized Service Provider

Gravity is Columbia’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider. Our team provides the service and expertise you expect from Apple with the friendliness you expect from Columbia.

As a Premium Service Provider, which is the top level Apple Authorized Service Provider, we offer in-warranty and out-of-warranty repair service for any Apple product. We run every available diagnostic on all iPhones that come into our office. We make it a point to run more diagnostics than required because we want our clients to leave satisfied.

Our Apple certified technicians make sure your mobile devices or other technologies are handled correctly.


We provide Apple authorized services, meaning we use genuine Apple parts and repair your device using approved methods.

For Business


No, you shouldn’t have six routers in your office, and we can help you fix that.


When you’re running your business, you don’t have the bandwidth to monitor your servers or databases to watch for capacity levels or patching systems to keep things running smoothly.


Never be pulled away from important meetings again to deal with data crashes. Our Gravity team will pinpoint which managed IT services will work best for your business.


Work on the bags under your eyes with a little extra sleep knowing that your data is stored correctly and safely.

Gravity Handles
IT Services

Managed IT Services

We don’t see information technology on your job description either. Eliminate hours of wasted productivity. Let us take care of it.



Help set the pace for your industry by using the latest managed IT services available.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

At Gravity, we will not only fix your IT management issues, but we will explain how you got there. Our expertise will boost your business and protect your data.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Our top-of-the-line security cameras offer high resolution video, local secure storage and remote management.

Data Recovery and Backup

Data Recovery and Data Back up

We can salvage lost or corrupted data from removable media or secondary storage, including cloud services.



Dependable data backup.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

In its most simple description, cloud computing is taking services and moving them outside an organization’s firewall on shared systems.



Fast and proper IT installation.

Phone Installation

Basic Phone Installation

We’re not a VoIP company, but we will handle basic phone installation depending on your service level agreement.

Since some things are still best face-to-face, call and schedule a time to meet with one of our team members. We will design a managed IT service perfected for you and your business.

The Gravity Difference: Up-front Costs and Service

At Gravity, we’ve eliminated the fine print.
Our service solutions are relayed upfront.

At Gravity, we look for team members who can communicate complicated situations clearly. After working with us, our clients have a better understanding of their personal technology and overall data management.

We use a single contract written in understandable language. We’re not trying to sell you a subscription model. Our business contracts are created using a formula based on your business’s technology needs. Confusion and surprises are not included.

For Home


Does your Wi-Fi suck?


Gravity can help. Similar to our business contractors, our home contractors include on-site support and installation.


For home network issues, most service networks will need to be addressed inside the home.


The solution to your printer not printing won’t happen in our office. Often, the underlying issue is your wireless network, which must be addressed on site.


Don’t worry. You can leave your dirty socks on the floor. We won’t judge.

Gravity Handles

Wireless and Wi-Fi


At-home Installation


Smart Home

Control everything from anywhere.

Flat-screen installation

Any size and any set up, we do it for you.


Smart thermostat installation

Save on energy and save money without lifting a finger

Repair: Mid-Missouri’s Only Local Apple Authorized Service Provider

Break-fix services: Stuff

Has your cracked phone screen caused scrolling Instagram to become not only a mental but also physical danger to yourself?

As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, you can relax knowing your Apple device is being repaired as Apple intended. Our Gravity team continues to educate themselves per Apple’s requirements on all updates and new devices.

Conveniently located in Columbia, MO, explore the heart of the city while your device is being fixed. While walk-ins are welcome, for your best experience, call or email to schedule an appointment.

Gravity Handles

Gravity Guides

Often a break-fix isn’t much of a break and requires a minor fix. We don’t want to charge you for something you can do yourself. Cue Gravity Guides. Our digital guides break down frequent and easy-to-fix issues. From conserving battery life to manual resets, help is in your back pocket.


But if this all sounds too time-consuming for you, we’re happy to help out.


Call ahead to set up an in-store appointment.

I am so thankful for the work that Jonathan Sessions and Gravity did creating a fully online workspace for my team at COMO Magazine and Columbia Marketing Group. My team of 14 have been able to seamlessly communicate and access all company files from the safety and comfort of their homes. Due to Jonathan and his team for not only helping us convert to Google for Business but also in setting up my new office network, we were able to make the call to work remotely very early on and enact it in the same moment. He also installed my new security cameras and taught me how to access them from my phone anytime. If he needs to train us to avoid user error, he does. If he needs to jump in and help, he is on it immediately. Truly...if it's tech related, he's my guy.

Your Friendly Neighborhood IT One Stop Shop

For any technology fix, break, consulting, or otherwise, call Gravity. Our technicians have decades of experience in managing IT and repairs.


Local service you can trust to empower you and your business.

Call us at 573.443.1555. We’re open Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm and are located in Columbia, MO.

Yes, we take Apple Pay.

Gravity is Temporarily By Appointment Only

Please Read

To help slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep you and our team safe, we are temporarily by appointment only for all services including repair pickup and drop off.


No matter what’s broke, we can fix it. Laptop, Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods; We’ve got you covered. For the moment, we are asking all customers to fill out a ticket in advance of coming in. Once you have completed the ticket, you will be directed to a page to schedule a private time to drop off your device for repair. Start by creating a ticket and following the prompts based on the device you need repaired.


Have you been notified your device is ready to be picked up? No need to create another ticket please click the button to the right and schedule a private time to pick up your device. Please note, only use this if you are picking up your device. If you have a device in need of repair, please create a ticket to schedule an appointment.

Business Clients and Consults

If you’re a current business client of Gravity and need our assistance, please create a ticket using the private site you were provided or please schedule an appointment through your customer portal by clicking the button to the right. If you are a business in need of services or an individual in need of on-site, in-home consultation, please give us a call and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.

If you are having issues please call us at 573-443-1555 and we will make arrangements.